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Loan scheme for Small & Medium Industries to initiate environmental friendly industrial projects

Eligible Enterprises

Any manufacturing or industrial enterprise, whose investment in fixed assets excluding land and building (owned or leased) at original book value should not exceed Rs. 250 mn. on completion of the project.

The E-friends-II loan scheme provides low cost loans to entrepreneurs seeking environment friendly business solutions that minimizes the negative effects caused to the environment as a result of industrial pollution due to manufacturing efforts, waste management methods, energy consumption, resource recovery and savings, pollution control and abatement measures or any other initiatives in improving the environment in which they operate in.

General Loan Scheme
Maximum Loan amount Rs. 30Mn
Annual Interest rate 6.5%
Repayment period (Including a grace period of 2 years ) 10 years

Technical Transfer Assistance Loan Scheme (To obtain consultancy service for investigating the environmental problems)
Maximum Loan amount Rs. 1.0Mn
Annual Interest rate 2%
Repayment period (Including a grace period of 2 years ) 05 years