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Super Savings Accounts

The Super Savings Account is designed to encourage the habit of savings with the payment of a higher rate of interest as the balance increases. Ideal for customers with a high level of expectation, the Super Savings Account guarantees high returns on your savings, along with a range of other benefits. Experience the trust, stability and flexibility known to LOLC Finance when you open your account today. Individuals, whether citizens or non-citizens, residing in Sri Lanka or companies registered in Sri Lanka can open a Super Savings Account with an initial deposit of LKR 2,000/- which should be maintained as a minimum balance.

  • Free unlimited withdrawals & deposits with Standing Order facility
  • Free ATM card, which can be used at any VISA ATM network Locally & Globally
  • Facility to transfer funds to other financial institutions
  • Interest calculated daily – higher rate if daily balance increases